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Modify seating charts with a few mouse clicks.

Handwritten seating charts are difficult to read, and almost always out-of-date, since making a simple change like exchanging the location of two students requires the entire chart to be recreated, even if the original is in pencil, the copies are probably not. Making changes and distribution easy help make Seating Charts a more effective tool, both for organization and behavorial reasons, and as a documentation tool in the event of an accident of other emergency.

Sharing paper Seating Charts is a exercise of it's own. If charts are to be kept accuratly each time a change occurs copies must be made and distributed to the appropriate parties. Sometimes, the effort required to make modification is so great a need change is delayed, undocumented or forgone to avoid the paperwork.

Baked-in role-based security insures each team member has assess to the information they need while protecting sensitive data; e.g. drivers see only the seating charts for their buses, not the entire fleet. User level security allows for individual adjustments to the four main roles; drivers, school administrators, transportation administrators and system administrators.

BusSeatingChart - Simple, effective, economic; code of conduct management.

Our Philosophy

We frequently request feedback from our customers, and what we hear most often -- and enthusiastically -- is how easy our products are to learn and use. When BusConduct is shown to technologically-shy drivers with no experience using computer-based applications, we're told they can usually enter a BusConduct referral with little or no training. While teachers are usually much more comfortable with computer applications the simplicity of use and minimal time requirements of ClassConduct are still greatly appreciated.

We'll always keep ease of use as a top priority, while continuing to implement new feature requests -- including richer reporting and customization options. While ConductSuites' focus remains student behavior management, the applications are almost infinitely customizable to track a variety of student, staff, or other types of incidents.

Brett Bohanon (President)

ConductSuite exists to make school districts' lives easier; we often hear customers say they couldn't imagine doing their jobs without it! BusConduct was our first Software as a Service (SaaS) product, originally developed in 1999. Eighteen years later the application has matured with input from hundreds of school districts contributing ideas for reports and functionality. Custom workflows and fields add high flexibility to meet district-specific needs.

Due to customer demand, we've expanded ConductSuite to include BusSeatingChart, a visual seating chart application and classroom-based ClassConduct. In our #dateformat(now(),"yy") + 1# years, we've rarely lost a customer, and never due to dissatisfaction with the application.

We want to earn your business, and invite you to call or email for a no-pressure, personal demonstration and price quote.


Nathan Showalter

As Director of Online Services, Nathan is responsible for promoting and developing the District Conduct Suite. If you have question or need to schedule a demo, Nathan is your first point of contact. He also works with customers to prototype and develop new custom software applications. Some recent projects include; a SaaS Aircraft Maintenance System, a government application to track customer care for Job Service Boards, and custom application for a large water utility in New York City.

Brett Bohanon

President and Lead Developer, Brett specializes in Agile Software Developement, with over #dateformat(now(),"yy") + 4# years experience developing .NET and SQL based applications

Jules Bohanon

Desktop and Web Solutions Architect, Jules has developed several enterprise MS Access solutions. If you call with a technical question don't be suprised if Jules answers your call.

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